Our Work

Connected creates space for older adults and youth to learn from one another and build meaningful lives through our four key programs. In-person or virtual programming will depend on local mandates, school guidelines, community partner preferences, and CDC recommendations. Our national team continues to work remotely, while our chapters may begin in-person programming shortly if it is deemed safe to do so. We believe health and wellbeing comes first!




What We Do


Key programs are education, tech literacy, mentorship, and health advocacy.

The Connected Foundation national team and Connected chapters offer four program options, based on community partner interest. To learn more about our team, board of directors, and current national community partners, please click the buttons below.


These are some of our favorite moments from virtual programming this past year!






Education & Activities

We design classes and engaging activities. Primarily this has been in a virtual setting, and the topics are driven be older adult interest. Our goal is to provide young people with an opportunity to lead, learn, and teach and to uplift allow classes to be a space where older adults expand on and share their own knowledge.





Tech Literacy

In a world where we have become increasingly reliant on technology for communication with friends and fIn a world where we have become increasingly reliant on technology for communication, we see a growing need to bridge the technological gap between older adults and youth. Our team designs and leads tech literacy workshops on topics such as how to use Zoom and photo-sharing. We also create accessible resource guides for older adults to empower young people and older adults, so that we all have confidence when navigating an increasingly technological world.





Mentorship & Matching

By matching older adults and youth, we hope to foster learning, compassion, and wisdom. We consider interests, career aspirations, and time availability when making these matches.





Health Advocacy

We host events, initiatives, and informational sessions to improve the health and wellness of older adults from diverse communities. Youth volunteers are paired with older adults to provide personalized help and record their stories. All of our health advocacy information will be available in resources guides, for all to use.